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Why Cleaning Your Extensions is Important: The 6 Essentials Every Client Needs!

Lash extensions are a luxury item that requires work to maintain. Let’s just get that statement out of the way. BUT, it doesn’t require a lot of work, contrary to popular belief! And let’s be honest, I think universally we can say that if we invest in something, anything, we want that thing to last, right? That is why it is so important to understand how to clean you extensions correctly. So, in classic Rebel Style, We have put together the ultimate guide covering how to clean your extensions, what to do, what to avoid and have added in some super handy tricks and tips to keep your extensions looking gorgeous!

It is an amazing feeling waking up with your eyelashes already done looking fresh and fluffy but to keep them this way you must clean and maintain them correctly. However, while eyelash extensions are time saving and just make you face and eye looks absolutely scrumdiddlyumptiously GORGEOUS, they can sometimes be a struggle to clean especially if you are new to the world of eyelash extensions….but….NO MORE!

It is statistically proven that our clients who wash and cleanse their extensions correctly between lash appointments have a greater success of retention and longevity between fills, and we all want that!. One of the main goals of Rebel is to provide education and empowerment to all of our clients so we can get you in for your refills and have most of the lash extensions still on so you can get through your lash appointment quickly and with out having shell out more money than you expected at your appointment. At Rebel we recommend refills be every 2 or 3 weeks so we can keep on top of those new installments of fresh lash extensions. Any time beyond 3 weeks and you are usually looking at a full set, this is why cleansing your lashes is so important because we want to avoid our clients having to shell out the cost of another full set at 3 weeks if they haven’t properly maintained their lashes!

When Should You Clean Eyelash Extensions?

  • At Rebel we recommend waiting at least 24 hours to get your lashes wet or clean them. This is primarily because the adhesive we use to set your lash extensions is doing its job curing and getting really super strong to hold those extensions right where they belong, on those gorgeous eyes of yours! So, that means no direct water to your eyes or face until this period is up ladies (Or gentlemen, if you prefer ;)

  • Frequency of cleaning your lashes is also super important. Some studios say two to three times a week, some say every day, and others, twice a day. Listen, we trust our clients and know you guys know your body and what you are doing on the daily. So while we recommend a standard once a day, we also know you will know if you need it twice a day if you have been out there building your empires!

  • One of the best ways to accomplish the twice a day routine? Include it in your pre-bed routine and also your routine getting ready for the day! So, before bed, and when you are getting ready for the day!

  • If you are working out and working up a sweat we recommend you clean your extensions to avoid a build-up of sweat and dirt in your lashes. You should also clean them if any salt, sweat or oils get onto your extensions.

Eyelash Extension Essential No.1: A Good Cleanser!

A good cleanser is like a good shampoo, it’s definitely an essential! At Rebel, we carried preferred products to ensure you are using only the best of the best and our No.1 Essential Pick is no different! Introducing The Lash Professional’s Lash Foam Cleanser! We carry all of our essential items in the Studio, so pick up a set at your next appointment so you are prepared!

Scrub-a-dub, ladies! Never worry about keeping lashes in the best shape possible again. Rebel’s preferred lash foam cleanser removes makeup, oils, and protein build up from natural lashes and extensions—your lashes will thank you.

This cleanser is both oil-free and vegan. When used with our other Essential Five Items, you can achieve the same clean look to your lashes.

Below we give you direction on how to use our Lash Brush and Cleanser.

  • Shake well.

  • Apply one pump to the lash brush head.

  • Gently pat cleanser evenly along the lash line.

  • Rinse lashes with water.

  • Pat dry gently and brush your pretty lashes back into place.

Eyelash Extensions Cleaning Do’s:

  1. Clean One to Two times a day! Scrub’a’dub’dub, clean lashes do the job!

  2. Use Approved Lash Cleansing Products Specifically Formulated for Lash Extension Cleaning (The Lash Foam Cleanser). These products contain anti-bacteria solution to maintain the lash extensions and your eyes health.

  3. Avoid using any makeup remover, cleansers or products that contain oil. This is because the oil in these products breaks down the glue bonds between your natural lashes and extensions.

  4. Use a Spritzer filled with Distilled Water to dampen your Lashes before cleaning them

  5. Use an appropriate Lash Extension Cleanser Brush

  6. Cleanse gently but thoroughly

  7. Rinse lashes with Distilled water. We recommend using a pipet bottle filled with distilled water.

  8. Use a microfiber towel to pat your lashes dry

  9. Brush your lashes back into place

Eyelash Extension Essential No.2&3: A Lash Wand & Lash Brush!

A good cleanser and brushing tool will make a world of difference in your lash cleansing routine and these next two items are a MUST!

Rebel recommends these two little guys be in all of our clients arsenal when it comes to proper lash care and maintenance! But, what are they?!

The first item is the Rebel Eyelash Extension Wand. This durable and portable tool can be carried with you where ever you go so you can brush your lashes when you feel like it, but, it is also a recommended tool for cleaning your lashes so you can brush them down and get them all back in order when you have finished each of your lash baths!

Now, let’s talk about the eyelash extension cleansing brush! This small Kabuki style brush is one of the most important items you can have in your eyelash cleaning tool kit. It flat head allows you to easily work in the lash bath and the super soft, synthetic bristles are gentle enough so that you don’t damage the lashes while cleaning them.

These two exclusive items are carried at our studio so make sure you get a set if it is your first time visiting us, or grab a replacement if it is time to switch it out for a new set! (We recommend changing out the lash cleansing brush at least every few months depending on use and wear!)

Eyelash Extension Cleaning Don’ts:

  1. Don’t use products such as micellar water on your lash extensions. These products are not suited or designed for lash extensions and could damage your lashes and the glue bond between your natural lashes and extensions.

  2. Never use makeup remover wipes on your extensions. Makeup wipes usually contain oils, emollients and glycols. These oils will make your extensions fall out much earlier than they would do naturally. You will have to only leave 1 – 2 weeks before betting an infill and these costs add up pretty fast. Make up wipes also don’t get up all your makeup on your face let alone your falsies and this is very unhygienic.

  3. Don’t rub your eyes while cleansing. The more you rub your eyes the quicker the extensions will fall out. You should avoid wearing as much eye makeup if you find you have to rub your eyes whilst cleaning to get all the product off. The rigorous rubbing on your extensions will not just damage your extensions but also your natural lashes as these are getting pulled out due to the friction.

  4. Avoid sponges, cotton face cloths, makeup pads, cotton rounds, cotton balls and cotton Q-Tips (Or any Q-tip). These are not suitable to use with extensions in and can cause your lashes to fall out prematurely due to accumulation of cotton causing tugging and damage!

Eyelash Extension Essential No.4&5 : A Pipet Bottle & Fine Mist Spray Bottle!

I know what you are thinking! “What in the world?! No one recommends these things! What are they thinking?!”

Hear me out. My husband (The co-owner of Rebel Lash Studios) worked in medical for over 20+ years. One thing he is super super passionate about is not only educating our clients but also empowering our clients to use methods of cleaning your lashes that our health institutions would use, and that involves using specific tools for specific things so you can control and manage the quality of cleaning products you are using and ensure a high level of sanitation and keeping things sterile. Because, as he says “We are asking Clients to trust us with not only their beauty, but most importantly their eyes…so we have an obligation and a responsibility to do right by them!”

Once I started cleaning clients lashes like this, I never went back. It makes it SO easy and you feel comfortable knowing you are controlling a sterile process!

Most studios recommend you use tap water to clean your lashes, but, where has your tap water been *eek*!? And then they recommend using your lash cleaning brush to soak your lashes before you clean them….in tap water….put the tap water all over your eyes and then rinse them off in…..tap water! SO, we take it up a notch! Go get some distilled water, fill each of your bottles up and use these as a part of your routine to mist your eyes prior to cleaning them and then rinse your eyes once you are done! It’s that simple! And that way, we are keeping those beautiful eyes of yours….safe and looking gorgeous!

Do Not…I Repeat, DO NOT wear Mascara!

Since you already have gorgeous fluffy lashes there really is no need to apply a pair of falsies or mascara. That is the point of eyelash extensions… they are literally roll out of bed and go!

We have had some clients in the past who are so obsessed with Mascara they continue to use it with their lash extensions. This can not only cause an infection due to your lashes never really being clean, they can also cause major issues with retention and effect the health of your natural lashes…all things we like to avoid! If your extensions are damaged that means you will have to get a full set of extensions rather than an infill and it will cost an unnecessary pretty penny.

Nourish Your Eyelash Extensions

Just like you would care for your hair, you should for your lash extensions. Make sure you are super gentle with your lashes, avoid any rubbing, oil and keep them nourished. There is plenty of products out there Rebel can help recommend for you to use on your extensions to keep them looking fluffy and soft. Remember the more you care for your lash extensions the longer they will last and the less they will cost to maintain!

Eyelash Extension Essential No.6 : The Microfiber Towel!

This is the last thing on our Essentials List! No.6…The MicroFiber Towel! This one should hopefully be pretty self explanatory since the whole blog has been all about “No Cotton, No Cotton, No Cotton!”

Use this once you have washed your lashes so you can gently pat them dry before brushing them off! MicroFiber is a great non-shedding, non-clumping option. It is super easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t cause issues with your lash extension! Win win!!

So Let’s wrap this up!

Step By Step: How to Clean Your Lash Extensions

Step 1: Apply a gentle misting from you mist bottle to the left or right set of eyelashes (Only clean one set of lashes at a time)

Step 2: Apply one pump of The Lash Foam Cleanser to your eye

Step 3: Take your CLEANED lash cleansing brush and gently work in the lash bath to your lash extensions in a circular motion. (You may experience some fall out due to natural shedding, don’t worry…this is completely normal!)

Step 4: Take one of your microfiber towels and hold it just under the lash you just cleaned

Step 5: Grab your pipet bottle with distilled water in it and rinse off your lashes.

Step 6: Repeat this process if you feel you didn’t get everything!

Step 7: Repeat on your other eye

Step 8: Pat both of your lashes dry (Gently) with a clean micro fiber towel

Step 9: Brush your lashes with your Eyelash Wand

Step 10: ENJOY your lashes!

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