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Our Origin Story

Our Story, Mission, and Vision is one that is unique to Rebel. That's the way we like it! We believe in individuality, and empowering uniqueness and one's true self. We believe in being a rebel. Get out there and Discover Your Inner Rebel!

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The Rebel Story

I am a licensed aesthetician and Master Lash Artist with over 5 years of experience in the industry. I founded Rebel Lash Studios with one goal in mind: to provide EXCELLENT professional level eyelash extensions for all of our Rebel family! We believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and we strive to offer a variety of services suitable for every need to help achieve our client's goals. We offer professional level, safe and painless extension services for people of all ages. We strive for excellence and perfection, and we only use industry-approved, state-of-the-art techniques and products.

The Rebel Mission

In a world of Lash Artists, it is important to set yourself apart. What makes you unique in all the world. Instead of finding something unique (Which we know we have plenty of with out even having to explain it), we went back to basics and embraced a mantra we feel everyone is searching for these days in finding a lash artist to work with! Our mission is to provide excellent, gold standard services and lash artistry to ALL of our clients through very specific founding principals: Integrity, Compassion, Dignity, and Honesty.

The Rebel Vision

We have one vision to be the best in the industry, to lead so others can lead, to empower our clients to be the best they can be, to create beauty in the world, to create an environment of empowerment and positivity and above all.......TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL LASH EXTENSIONS!

About The Artist!

Chaz Newberry - L.E., M.L.A

Licensed Master Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician

Chaz‘s passion for beauty and artistry comes across to everyone who meets him. As both a Licensed Master Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician, Chaz is well know for putting his esthetic and creative license to work as he creates timeless looks unique to each client that sees him.  He has the incredible ability to shape amazing Eyelash Extensions in a way that compliments each clients own individuality and enhances their natural beauty with out being overwhelming to the natural structure of the eye and face of each client but also to the client their selves! How his clients feel leaving his table is of the UPMOST importance to Chaz and he excel at this goal daily!


After spending years as a professional in the banking and treasury industry, Chaz began his journey as a Lash artist and grew by leaps and bounds.  His meticulousness attention to detail, his smile and indomitable spirit sets him apart as a beacon of positivity.  Chaz takes a personal mantra and duty to enhance the beauty of all who he styles with is Eyelash Extensions. 


 Chaz has pursued his love of enhancing women's beauty by pouring his self into learning eyelash extensions. Trained by leading companies in the industry in Classic and Volume Certification by Borboleta Beauty ,LashboxLA MegaVolume Certification ,Member of Associated Skincare Professionals As a result of his investment into his self and his clients, today he provides gorgeous classic, hybrid and volume lash extensions with the highest standards of application.


His unparalleled work ethic and drive coupled with some serious talent brought him to open his own studio and begin to build his Lash Empire with Rebel Lash Studios. Chaz believes each of his clients deserve the best lash extensions have to offer and welcomes all of his clients to becoming a member of the Rebel family where we empower everyone to Discover their Inner Rebel!

Once you become a client of Rebel, I am sure you will agree Chaz has an artistic style that is unique to him which  leads him to be and grown as one of the best artists In the industry.

We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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